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Meeting Minutes

August Board Meeting

VRCF Board Meeting – August 20, 2019 

VRCF field - members and guests present ~8 

Checking - $4,298.70 

Savings - $2,286.69 

TOTAL - $6,585.39 


Air Sho – no donations this year for anyone. Not enough people attended. 

Quad Squad – planning on Saturday Aug. 24th. Let club know. 

Pop machine is fixed thanks to Bob German. 

Fall Fly - ? If someone wants to spearhead it, just an informal one should be OK. Do it on short notice according to weather. 

Fun Fly – get sanction # soon.  

Winter meetings – replace a club meeting with a Moorhead community course. Negotiate with Air Museum for winter meetings. 

Possibility of recreational flying test in the near future. Not sure how it would be administered. 

Civil Air Patrol – Two members came to our meeting to discuss possible cooperation. They have been asked to start UAS program. Tasked by government to build program, fly drones near critical infrastructure to test defenses, help with search and rescue, disaster assessment. Need Part 107, have DJI Mavik, etc. Fixed wing in future. It is a service related mission. Need place for training. MOU with CAP and AMA coming. Have “go” kits they send to sights that need them. 1 st and 3rd Mondays are CAP meetings. 

Lee G – recognize for working on kitchen doors, etc. 


Indoor Fun Fly - ? deal with venues. 

2019 Officers 

President – Ryan Johnson 

Vice President – Dean Gary 

Treasurer – Paul K 

Secretary – Ron Landman 

Safety – Dick V 

Member at large – Ken L, Mark P

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