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Getting Started in R/C

A great resource for learning the basics of RC airplanes or drones and for getting started in this hobby is the online community at They sell low cost foam board airframe kits and provide free plans for those who wish to source their own materials. Check out the Get Started links at their site or click the logo below.  Also consider their STEM resources for educators.

NOTE: If you are new to RC, for the safety of others, yourself, your aircraft, and property we ask that you do NOT fly at our field without an instructor till you have mastered basic control of your aircraft. The instructor will tell you when you have reached that point.

To help new flyers have a successful start into the hobby we provide free of charge flight instructors for airplanes, helicopters and drones. The instructors will make suggestions on what equipment to buy. So, before you buy anything please contact us. First time pilots should typically start with an easy to fly trainer style airplane and work up from there. Resist the temptation to start with the cool looking jets or warbirds since they are usually intended for experienced pilots and you WILL crash while learning.

Flight simulators are a valuable tool for learning. They interface with your computer and do a great job of creating life like RC Flying.

It takes approximately 6, 10 minute, lessons to learn how to fly safely, then a lifetime to master it.

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