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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August Board Meeting

VRCF Board Meeting

August 16, 2022 – VRCF Field

Attendance – 5. 3 board members missing

Savings     2,289.24

Checking   4,744.08

Cash            100.00

Pay Pal        257.69

Total        $7,391.01


President: Dean Gary

Vice President: Mark Pueppke

Secretary: Ron Landman

Treasurer: Ryan Johnson

Safety Officer: Kevin Paulson

Board member at large 1: Tyler Vetter

Board member at large 2: Steve Faeth

Advocate: Ken Littlefield

Fun Fly financials:

Fun fly expenses

Kitchen Supplies  $200.00

Hornbachers  $321.18

Dean Gary prizes and food  $450.00

Andrew Ochoa prizes  $200.00


fun fly income

Registration and raffle +1 dues  $2,464.00

Lunch  $430.00


net gain


Monthly Bills:

recent expenses

Jiffy Jon's  $94.00

Waste Management  $86.46

Red River CO-OP Power  $64.29

Gas  $60.18

mower hoses $192.63

Total            $497.56

Garbage collection has been changed to once/month to save money.

We had on about 30 people for dinner. So, ordering for 50 was way too much.  We discussed that some people do not stay for dinner but would like to have lunch included instead. We could give a discount for those not staying for dinner.  We did not conclude what to do next year.

Someone contacted the club to donate RC items that were found in a construction dumpster.  Ron will try to sell them and give money to the club.

Indoor flying for the winter.

Steve found we can rent the TC Soccer bubble (old golf bubble) – March 25th, 2023 9-4, $970. We decided to have him go ahead and reserve it.

Also we can get 1/3 or 2/3 of the soccer bubble attached to arena in West Fargo for $55/h for each third.  Steve set up 5 tentative dates. We can cancel withing 24 hours with no charge. We think we might want to charge a per time fee and offer a season pass for a discounted amount. The passes could give us some up-front money to work with. The per time would work for some who know they will only be able to come 1 or 2 times.

November 5,December 10,January 7,February 11,march 4

So, $825 for 5 dates of 3 hours. Reserved but not locked in. Can cancel 24 hours prior. That’s $165/date.

We can run cost models to see how much to charge for individual or season passes.

We need to put together info sheet on it to help gauge the interest. Maybe guys from Grand Forks would come down?


Member dues

We might need to raise dues since we have only 38 paid members this year and costs for everything continue to rise. Ryan ran model with dues raised from $75 to $100 /year. Leaving $10 discounts in place for early payment and seniors. This raises our income from dues from $2,120 to $2,915. No action was taken on the dues at this meeting.

Comment: It might be helpful to mail out renewal notices to get more response and more timely response.

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