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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September 2019 Meeting Minutes

Club Meeting – September 3, 2019 

VRCF Field - members and guests present - 10 

Checking - $4,311.00 

Savings - $2,286.69 

TOTAL - $6,597.69 


• Indoor Fun Fly? Inquiries at NDSU for their indoor track building seem promising. Ron to proceed with looking into available dates for a Sat or Sun in Jan or Feb. Don’t conflict with GF club or Bismarck. Don’t conflict with GF 

• Talked about the visit we had from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). No question we want to cooperate with them in any way we can. This led to a discussion of the club possible charging entities that want to use the field for learning or practicing drone piloting. This would not be an ongoing business model but just have a plan in place so when opportunities come up we can offer a possible arrangement. Government agencies like CAP or Sheriff’s department would have one price, commercial companies like agricultural equipment companies would be a higher price. The board will discuss this further. 

• Paint the Shelter? We have prices from 3 sources along with recommendations for how to prime and paint the cement shelter. Lots of stores have paint and even “masonry paint”. Hard to tell what will actually work best and last longest. People seem to have a good impression with Sherwin-Williams paint in spite of the fact that it is the most expensive. Ron to make a recommendation to the board for an amount of paint to do just the west, north and south sides of the shelter this fall for a trial. 

• We discussed the field and flight line configuration that we used at the Fun Fly. It was “OK” for the big event but most are not interested or willing to have a permanent fence set up in place of the flight stations. Some discussion was had about moving the safety fence to the east up to 25’ to make more room to park in the center of the field. Also bringing electricity to the center area, maybe even putting it near the safety fence to make it more convenient to charge near the pits. 

• Oct 20 – Spud Valley Toy Show Will talk about this more at the next meeting. 

• Rodney Johnson and Johan Bauson gave a talk and demonstration of a very nice electronic weighing system used for determining the exact CG of an airplane and then adding weight at the appropriate point to get the exact balance desired. The system is from Xicoy CG scale. 

2019 Officers 

President – Ryan Johnson 

Vice President – Dean Gary 

Treasurer – Paul K 

Secretary – Ron Landman 

Safety – Dick V 

Member at large – Ken L, Mark P

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