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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

October Club Meeting

VRCF Club Meeting

October 4, 2022 – VRCF Field

Attendance – ~8 members missing

Savings     2,261.00

Checking   4,464.12

Cash            100.00

Pay Pal        257.69

Total        $7,112.81


President: Dean Gary

Vice President: Mark Pueppke

Secretary: Ron Landman

Treasurer: Ryan Johnson

Safety Officer: Kevin Paulson

Board member at large 1: Tyler Vetter

Board member at large 2: Steve Faeth

Advocate: Ken Littlefield

We discussed the need for an increase of dues. The increase of costs for garbage, Jiffy John, and gas are major items.  An increase from $75 to $100 was discussed as a possible change.  The board will meet later this month to finalize this.

Once the dues have been decided, the membership form will be updated and we can start taking applications for next year 2023.

We will be using the Air Museum again this year for winter meetings for free. However, we need to be able to send a few people to the museum to help set up for events. This is part of the agreement for the free rent.

Members helped empty all the trash cans into the dumpster for the final pickup of the year.

Several members flew lighted airplanes after dark. It was quite dark by 7:30.

Indoor flying is set for Rustad Recreation Center in West Fargo for 5 Saturdays from Nov – Mar. We are starting to take money for season passes. Best way to pay is through PayPal. The fee should be added to the payment.

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