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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

June Board Meeting

VRCF Board Meeting – June 18, 2019 

VRCF field - members and guests present ~8 

Checking - $5,293.79 

Savings - $2,286.12 

TOTAL - $7,581.91 

?? members so far this year 


Quad Racing Region Qualifier – June 29. Sponsored by Quad Squad, local club 13 registered racers so far, likely will go up. ~20 last year. Ron and Ryan to figure out menu. Dean and Johan also willing to help serve lunch. 

Fargo AirSho July 20, 21 – with Thunderbirds. VRCF to have a large static display. Need club members to volunteer for both days. ~6-8 each day. Volunteers so far - Mark P, Ryan Jordet, Ron L, Johan B Headcount for passes – Ken will ask for 8 each day. We should all try to wear blue club polo shirts. From last year’s experience, we should try to rope off better so little kids don’t just walk right under and start touching airplanes. Set up shade canopies. We still need an attention getter – like balloons or tall flag/banner. Handouts, ask AMA, business cards 

VRCF Fun Fly – Aug 3 (Saturday) Prizes – 

• Mark has contacted a half dozen suppliers 

• 6 kits from Conrad Toni available for prizes. wing jig, airplanes 

• The board agreed to contribute another $400 prize money – Ron and Dean to determine what to get and do it. 

Volunteers – Need to fill all positions 

• Registration 

• Raffle tickets 

• Lunch help – grilling and selling (5-6 people), someone to purchase supplies 

• PA set up and possibly playing of some music during certain times 

• Dinner – arrange meal from Hornbacher’s or other. Pick up meal. Set up serving line including any contributed salads and desserts, clean up 

• Drink (lemonade), desserts, salads, condiments 

• Field prep, mowing and cleaning of shelter 

• Set up new flight line and temporary fencing (week or so ahead of time) Ask to get PA system from Jeff. 

Cash or checks 

We discussed whether to accept other forms of paymebnt. Seems like a good idea but needs to be investigated as to cost, accounts to be set up, equipment needed, etc. Possible services: Venmo – Square – Google – o.54% 


Pop machine not working. Paul blew out radiator coils and it seems to be working now. Graffiti – Ron painted over it. We should consider painting the entire outside cement. 

2019 Officers 

President – Ryan Johnson 

Vice President – Dean Gary 

Treasurer – Paul K 

Secretary – Ron Landman 

Safety – Dick V 

Member at large – Ken L, Mark P

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