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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March Club Meeting

VRCF Club Meeting – March 3, 2020

Fargo Air Museum - members and guests present - 12


Checking - $5,089.74

Savings - $2,287.27

TOTAL - $7,377.01


36 new or renewed members to date



• Bills: - electric, safe deposit box, internet site


President: Dean not present.


Vice President Mark Pueppke presiding

• Two items identified at board meeting to address this year

o Gravel work on parking lot and topsoil for ruts and low spots on runway

▪ Verbal quotes received by Kevin and Dean

o Paint cement walls of main shelter

• REMINDER - DL Mall Show – April 4, 2020



1. Jets, EDFs, etc. – Dave Tsen

2. Update on group build of Gee Bee Y – work continues on Sunday afternoons at Ron’s house. Please call Ron to participate.


2020 Officers

President – Dean Gary

Vice President – Mark Pueppke

Treasurer – Ryan Johnson

Secretary – Ron Landman

Safety –-> Kevin Paulson

Members at large – Ken Littlefield, Randy Pitura

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