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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

November Board Meeting Minutes

VRCF Board Meeting – November 19, 2019

Labby’s Bar and Grill - members and guests present ~9


Checking - $3,624.51

Savings - $2,287.27

TOTAL - $5,911.78



Holiday party – It was decided to set the event for Sunday Jan. 12, 2020 at Spitfire in West Fargo

–. Mark P will reserve the back room. Club and board meeting included in the event.


Indoor Flying - Metro Rec – could be available for $56/hour, available around noon on Sundays. The board is favorable but want to make sure there are enough participant to make sharing the cost reasonable. Maybe just start with one event and see how it goes. Ron and Dean to check out the facility.


Field Improvements list – We updated the list and discussed priorities. No decisions were made to spend money at this time.


Field property is $14.5 Acres. Farmer is renting and paying for 5 acres at $100/acre. Ken volunteered to talk to farmer about the value of the rent and possibly raise it.


Ryan Jordet got quotes on doing allowing membership to be paid on the web site PayPal. Its about 2.5%. Ryan Johnson want to check out other options like Venmo and Square.


Florence Kingensmith memorial. Maybe build a model of one of her planes, then donate to Air Museum. Air Museum needs plaques for the models they have so people know what they are.

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