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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

June Board Meeting

VRCF Club Meeting

June 22, 2022 – VRCF Field

Attendance - 8

Savings     2,289.24

Checking   6,026.09

Cash            100.00

Pay Pal        257.69

Total            8,673.02


President: Dean Gary

Vice President: Mark Pueppke

Secretary: Ron Landman

Treasurer: Ryan Johnson

Safety Officer: Kevin Paulson

Board member at large 1: Tyler Vetter

Board member at large 2: Steve Faeth

Advocate: Ken Littlefield



Update on vandalism at the field.  Voxland electric has finished the repairs. The inspection is complete, and the power is back on in the buildings and all post outlets.  Voxland submitted a bill to the club for $4,800 which matches the quote they gave us. We need to submit that bill to the insurance so they can give us the remainder of the money they owe us. Their original payment was pro-rated for some reason.

The conduits, wires and pipes that the electricians left in the dumpster were removed (likely by the trash collection company) and left on the ground. I guess they don’t take metal.


Nothing is in urgent need of being done. The tables and flight stations are still in the shelter which is OK for now since they blow around if they are not. We will do major clean up prior to our fun fly. The shelter roof and a few other items need to be attended to so we agree to meet first Saturday after July 4th to do this.

We would like to reduce ongoing expenses. One possibility is to eliminate trash collection (~100/mo). This would require training members to bag and remove their own trash, including airplane carcasses. Not decision was made.


It was deemed best to get rid of the pop machine. It works but has gotten little use in recent years compared to the energy it uses.  We will try to sell it, possibly on Facebook for a nominal amount and the buyer hauls it away.


We are looking forward to another good event.  Less worries now about Covid-19 but gas prices will possibly affect some travelers. We feel that having great prizes and excellent food contribute to a successful event.

Food – Dean G. said he would smoke some pork butts and use for pulled pork sandwiches for the noon lunch (for purchase).  We will investigate the price of chicken dinner again for supper. This is almost universally liked.

Prizes – It was decided that a few bigger prizes are a better draw for selling tickets than a bunch of little stuff. This worked well for the indoor event in March. If we have little stuff we can give it out to everyone as they register.  For prizes we thought maybe a 63” AJ, Carbon Cub, Flite Test, Crashtest, etc. We will look into it.

Cost – We discussed and decided to raise the landing fee to $30 due to inflation, etc.


Discussed again training nights. Decided we need some advertising. Tyler will draw up a poster and/or business card to had out at hobby store and other places. Training can be on Tuesday nights or by appointment.

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