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Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November Club Meeting

Club Meeting – November 5, 2019

VRCF Field - members and guests present - 12


Checking - $3,643.78

Savings - $2,287.27

TOTAL - $5,931.05



Ideas for indoor flying - Metro rec, Oak Grove gym, …


Holiday Party location – Spitfire and Frying Pan – have a room

Email members for additional ideas Is alcohol availability desired. Yes


Canopy painting techniques

Update projects list

Priority – maintain the field we have


Elections were held for 2020 officers. Ken Littlefield ran the elections in an efficient and fair manner. The results are as follows:


2020 Officers

President – Dean Gary

Vice President – Mark Pueppke

Treasurer – Ryan Johnson

Secretary – Ron Landman

Safety – Kevin Paulson

Members at large – Ken Littlefield, Randy Pitura

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